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End Mass Incarceration for Youth

Chicana/o, Indigenous, Afro-Latino, Hispanic, LGBTQ, Girls, Latinx Youth

We envision a world without cages, where Indigenous/Latinx youth and their families are uplifted, treated with dignity and respect, allowed to heal from decades of systemic racism, and able to experience wellbeing through the power of cultura and comunidad.
La Alianza is a national, intergenerational network that centers system-impacted youth leadership and voice while using research, storytelling, and advocacy to uplift Indigenous/Latinx youth visibility, building movement to replace youth injustice systems with long-term solutions rooted in cultura, comunidad, and healing.

The Alianza presents a call to action report: “Latinx Data Gap in Youth Justice System”

Released August 25, 2020
Download the report and listen to the Press Conference.

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