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Career Opportunity - Open Position

Policy Analyst – Part Time

Job Announcement Summary

At the Alianza, we provide opportunities for directly impacted youth and family members of directly impacted individuals to develop as leaders in youth justice transformation. Those with experience in the system are the ones best suited to change it. The Alianza is interested in hiring a Policy Analyst. Join a small, national, social impact, racial equity leader in ending incarceration of brown youth. We are looking to hire an experienced Policy Analyst to help us grow in leading work on campaigns. At the Alianza our Policy Analyst will organize, strategize, and lead events and campaigns coordinating with staff and Interns to end mass incarceration of brown youth and its impacts on their familias and community. The Analyst will raise public awareness on a variety of issues that surround lifting the lives of directly impacted brown youth and guide our policy goals and objectives. This can involve conducting research, analyzing current policies, evaluating the effects of proposed legislation, organizing policy change campaigns, responding to partner organizations campaigns, and report on findings to our advisory board and membership. Alianza’s Policy Analyst will work closely with staff, engage Interns, stakeholders – directly impacted brown LGBTQ2s, girls, boys and their families to determine the goals and objectives of our policy change. The Policy Analyst will typically work 30 hours a week (possibility of increased hours within 6 – 12 months), with a mix of virtual-based work, fieldwork, and limited travel due to COVID. This job is well suited to people who are passionate about racial equity, social justice, self-determination, is an activist, is aware of workplace self-care and healing, who are strong communicators, self-starters, solutions-oriented, resourceful, organized, and who has an analytical approach to interpreting and reporting on data.

Job Responsibilities, Qualifications and Skills:

Responsibilities for Policy Analyst
• Lead review and evaluate legislation and policies while working with staff and Interns
• Determine the benefits and drawbacks of existing policies
• Propose suggestions to improve the effects of policies
• Identify legal flaws in policies and recommend amendments
• Edit and amend policy drafts as required
• Liaise with stakeholders to determine needs and goals of policies
• Gather data and produce reports on the qualitative and quantitative analysis

Qualifications for Policy Analyst:

• Bachelor's degree in a related field preferred
• Working knowledge of the legal aspects affecting policies
• Excellent understanding of the relevant systems and conditions
• High organizational and time-management skills
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Good interpersonal and social skills
• Exceptional team player with a strong ability to contribute positively to a team environment
• Able to balance sitting in front of a computer screen and know when to build relations for base building


Analytical skills – policy analyst must be able to analyze situations from different perspectives.

Organization – the policy analyst must know how to gather data to write reports and work in the field to see how policies will affect the public; organization and attention to detail is important
Communication skills – the policy analyst must know how to write reports and to present findings, as well be able to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing
Teamwork – the policy analyst must be able to work as part of a team with staff, MSW Interns, and Alianza members on projects; great teamwork skills are a must in this position
Interpersonal skills – the policy analyst will work with people from all different walks of life, it’s important to remain attentive, respectful and centered at all times

Education and Training:

The minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree in political science, public policy, or social work. Preferred that candidates have experience in youth justice systems or government areas, and knowledge on how to build strong network of contacts. Training in racial equity and inclusion and healing centered approaches is desired.

Salary and benefits:

This is a part-time position requiring thirty hours a week, a virtual position that will necessitate employee to work from your home or personal office location. The wage will be of $35/hour with fringe benefits such as workers compensation, health insurance, sick leave, and vacation days.

Please submit resume to no later than April 1, 2022 by 5pm COB.

Administrative & Events Assistant – Part Time

Job Announcement Summary

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