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Career Opportunity - Open Position

Site Manager – Full Time

Job Announcement Summary

At the Alianza, we provide opportunities for people to join our diverse team in youth justice transformation. Those with experience in the system and/or their family members are the ones best suited to change it. La Alianza is committed to hiring directly impacted people to join our staff. We will hire a Site Manager to lead and oversee our general Alianza 2021-23 strategic road map, which includes membership and advocacy work; coordination and management of operations; provision of thought leadership, co-supervision for student MSW interns and volunteers, and growing the building of our membership base. Utilizing already established tools and methodologies, the Manager will manage, coordinate, oversee, and guide opportunities to expand the knowledge base for directly impacted youth and their families, for our members and others to learn and respond with action on policy and decision-making within the youth injustice system. The Manager will assure our staff and membership experiences connectedness, healing, growth, and empowerment so they can develop their innate leadership abilities to share their ideas at policy tables where decisions are made at local, state, and national levels on behalf of Brown youth.

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Deadline is Nov 12, 2021

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