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Support Directly-Impacted Latinx Youth Leadership

In 2023, the Alianza entered a new life cycle after bringing me on as the first-ever Latine/x formerly incarcerated Executive Director from the youth justice movement.

This has been an exciting and terrifying opportunity as I feel immense pressure to ensure the success of this organization and prove to myself and others that investing in the leadership of directly impacted youth is where the future of our movement must go.

At Alianza, we are also trying to shed light on the need to invest in creating a national intergenerational network that uplifts the visibility and power of Latine/x, Afro-Latine/x, and indigenous young people impacted by the criminal legal system. That said, as an organization aiming to boost the power of directly impacted Latinx youth, the only way to do that authentically is to offer them resources, both professional and monetary, to contribute to our cause meaningfully.

We want to ensure that we have resources that can be used flexibly to compensate young leaders for being on our advisory board, serving as consultants, and being a part of the Alianza team. We know this amount is only a fraction of what we need, but we want to show donors and the community that making this investment is only the beginning.

We want to ensure that Alianza becomes a hub of information for Latine/x, Afro-Latine/x, and indigenous leaders in the criminal justice field. We also want to center young people in the work and partner with adult allies to create bold spaces for Latinx leadership. Lastly, we want to ensure the Latine/x. Afro-Latine/x and indigenous people are intentionally represented and empowered as part of efforts to dismantle the criminal justice system and invest in solutions rooted in cultural, comunidad, and healing.

We hope you will join us in creating a bold and brave organization led by and for Latine/x: afro-Latine/x and indigenous leadership.

Thank you in advance for your contributions.

In Solidarity,
Hernan Carvente-Martinez
Executive Director, Alianza for Youth Justice

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