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Membership Proposal

Active Involvement of Alianza members:

1. Build community, power, and unity in determining the action steps of the Alianza to bring about a shared vision of a world without cages for our brown, Chicanx, Indigenous, Afro-Latinx, LGBTQ Latinx system impacted youth and families.

2. Deepen existing relationships via conocimiento (building relations) with quarterly zoom membership events and provide input to periodic requests sent by Alianza staff.

3. Serve as a spokesperson/liaison of the Alianza to increase local, state, and national awareness of the Alianza’s mission and vision to end incarceration for brown youth.

4. As an Alianza member you will have an equal voice in the decision-making process through consensus building.

5. Proactively represent the Alianza in action, by acting professional, responsibly, and take accountability.

6. In collaboration and or in partnership we aspire to mutually share resources.

7. Raise collective unity to speak as one.

Benefits of being a member:

1. Amplify your knowledge and access to data related to brown, Chicanx, Indigenous, Afro-Latinx, LGBTQ Latinx youth in the youth justice system,

2. Expand and enrich your opportunities with other national partners who are like-minded in pursuing the same mission to end the incarceration of brown, Chicanx, Indigenous, Afro-Latinx, LGBTQ, and Latinx system impacted youth.

3. Access to real-time information of local, state, and national youth justice news, links, and policy updates including Alianza’s quarterly newsletter.

4. Increase your healing-centered leadership rooted in cultura and communidad through Ollin Youth leadership curriculum training and other curriculums.

5. Emphasize and elevate your capacity to articulate the issues of ending mass incarceration for brown youth to the forefront along with the various intersectional issues such as LGBTQ youth disproportionality/disparities, Indigenous and Afro-Latinx disparities, Immigrant/DACA issues, and more.

To become a member, interested individual and/or organization shall:

1. Submit a letter of interest for membership via email to Allow for 2-4 weeks for Alianza to respond with the final decision.

2. Participate in a short onboarding session, where we will have the opportunity to share more about how the Alianza is structured, and to hear from you about your work and ways to support the collective.

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